Thin Clients for Ham Radio

I have been playing with the idea of using thin clients for many  different things in Ham radio. I have been playing with all the Pi like computers with mixed results. It would be nice to have a full power low power draw computer. Desktop computers are big and use a lot of electricity and are harder to run from batteries in the shack or in the field. Laptops are good but have their own draw backs. Some include take up a lot of space and can run hot. I like the thin clients because the are fan-less, quiet, and low power usage. I have been working on some HP T5740, dual core HP T510 and Wyse D90D7. I have worked with the original Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, and it will work fine. I have also added SSD hard drives and installed Linux an Windows 10. This really helped these thin clients come alive. The thin clients run on 19.5 volts, so the can use a laptop mobile power supply to run on 12v batteries. One bonus is that they still have a real com port! I will writing about some of these in future blogs.



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